Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kitchen Ideas

We're trying to decide between two options for the first floor renovation centering on the new kitchen area. For reference, our current floor plan looks like this. The parts we'll remove are shown with dotted lines.
In both schemes, we are planning to add new windows along the east facade looking out onto the back yard from both the kitchen and family room. We are also planning to enclose the screened porch to make it a breakfast room. The question is just how to handle the kitchen layout. OPTION 1
Option 1 moves the doorway between the dining room and kitchen toward the sunroom to allow for more continuous workspace. This puts our cook top in front of the window that looks on the porch (we'll have to resize the window opening that is there currently to bring it to counter height). The window will also have to be inoperable to meet code. We'd have to go with either a downdraft vent or an island style hood floating in front of the window- something like the example below. This scheme also would require the island to be off center, but we're not sure this is a problem.
Option 2 completely closes the wall between the dining room and kitchen, adding a new entrance to the dining room from the hallway right around the corner from the kitchen. We'd put our big water color painting on the long wall of the dining room, making it a focal point in there. This allows us to have a bigger kitchen with everything on center. The island would be about the same scale as the one in the image below.

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